FPD production process reduces production cost

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FPD production process reduces production costs

Jinmin spray free materials have many advantages, such as rich color, good surface gloss, meeting diversified aesthetic needs, more environmental protection, 100% recycling and low comprehensive use cost. Flat panel display (FPD) manufacturers are currently developing different technologies to reduce the high manufacturing cost of their products. Alien technology company has developed a production technology called fluid self-assembly FSA (fluid self assembly wedge-shaped mouth stress far exceeds the data yield strength y). He said: I hope to complete the development within one year or one and a half. The manufacturing of removing transistors in the processing of display materials can easily assemble the driving circuit into various flat panel displays (FPDs), so that it is not necessary to manufacture transistors in large pieces of glass

microchips called nanoblock ICs can be spread on a plane by fluid movement. In this process, plastic film can be used to replace glass materials, and the flexibility of film layer can be used to change the whole display manufacturing process from low-efficiency mass production to continuous assembly line or processing process

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