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Delta group won the top 20 international brands in Taiwan in 2011

delta group won the top 20 international brands in Taiwan in 2011, sponsored by the International Trade Bureau of Taiwan's Ministry of economy and the state invested 300-500 million yuan to build smart factories, implemented by the Foreign Trade Development Association, and undertaken by digital age magazine and international brand consulting company Interbrand, It is the first time that enterprises have entered the list with power electronics and energy related brands

this year has entered the ninth year of Taiwan international brand value survey. The survey objects are multinational Taiwan brands. This price evaluation introduces the same brand price evaluation system as the global top 100 brand survey, adopts the professional price evaluation procedure of well-known brand consulting company Interbrand, and evaluates the specific brand value for Taiwan's international brands in combination with quantitative enterprise financial analysis and qualitative brand role and strength analysis, Mark the specific coordinates of its competitiveness in the global market

ZHENG Ping, brand director of delta group, said that delta was invited to participate in the international brand survey of Taiwan for the first time. It is very happy that in the brand evaluation system for brittle materials, such as gray cast iron, which is in line with international standards, Delta's efforts to operate its own brand have been recognized and won the top 20 international brands in Taiwan. Delta launched its first year of brand in 2010, hoping to enhance the global popularity and image of delta's brand through strategic brand communication, Let more customers purchase delta electric products and services, from parts and components to systems and solutions, and from Delta inside to delta outside, and continuously improve the business proportion of systems and solutions. In 2011, delta launched a global market survey, redefined the brand communication structure, formulated and launched a new version of enterprise identification system with lead screw drive and rack drive, through the consistency and systematization of external communication, Strengthen the brand of delta power

Haijun, vice chairman and executive director of delta, said that adhering to the business mission of environmental protection, energy conservation and love for the earth over the past 40 years, based on Delta's application in power management, global integrated innovation and R & D, and deep cultivation of power supply and components, energy management and intelligent green life, delta actively develops its brand and continues to develop all kinds of renewable energy, industrial automation Video imaging system, LED lighting and electric vehicle control system are in line with the development trend of global green energy industry. This time, delta was selected as the top 20 international brands in Taiwan for the first time, which shows that the scale of Taiwan's green energy industry continues to grow, and delta plays an important role in the overall development of green energy


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