Current situation and development trend of foreign

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Current situation and development trend of foreign construction machinery control technology

current situation and development trend of foreign construction machinery control technology

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Introduction: in recent years, foreign construction machinery products are guided by electronics and information technology, and have carried out a lot of research in computer fault diagnosis and monitoring, accurate positioning and operation, engine fuel combustion control and ergonomics. Develop the software and hardware system matching with all kinds of construction machinery to make the engineering machinery

in recent years, with electronics and information technology as the guide, foreign construction machinery products have carried out a lot of research in computer fault diagnosis and monitoring, accurate positioning and operation, engine fuel combustion control and ergonomics. The software and hardware systems matched with various construction machinery have been developed, which makes the construction machinery stride forward in the direction of informatization and intelligence, improves the high-tech content of construction machinery that does not know how to maintain in case of failure, and promotes the development of construction machinery. The following is a brief introduction of these software and hardware systems

1. Bulldozer operation control and guidance system

Leica adopts dozer2000 navigation system based on GPS technology and digital map technology. A touch computer is installed in the cab, which can display the position of the machine in the operation area, the gap between the actual value and the design value of the operation area and relevant information in real time. Even inexperienced drivers can effectively complete the operation requirements such as slope operation. Trimble's product is site visiongps, which can realize the accurate control of slope. The visual display system in the cab can guide the driver's accurate operation, and the accuracy can reach centimeter level

2. Computer fault diagnosis system

the airborne computer can evaluate the running state of the machine according to the detection signals of various sensors and combined with the expert knowledge base to predict the possible faults; When a fault occurs, send fault information or guide the driver to find and eliminate the fault

3. The weighing system

automatically weighs and displays the net load of the bucket, and the measurement error is less than 3%

4. Diesel engine control and management system

this system is a fuel injection control and engine best performance regulation system based on single chip microcomputer, which can improve the utilization rate of fuel and ensure that the exhaust gas discharged by the engine meets the requirements of environmental control regulations; The system can also communicate with other devices through CAN bus to make the whole machine form a complete management system. Cat3516b engine is equipped with this system

5. The shift control system

automatically shifts gears according to the driving speed and load state of the machine, and matches the engine speed with the operating conditions to achieve the purpose of energy saving

6. Universal application of ergonomics

foreign construction machinery pays special attention to the coordination between the driver and the operation interface, and emphasizes the comfort of operation. Touch screen, text graphic display, wireless remote control and multi-functional operating handle are widely used, and the layout of the operating panel is reasonable

7. The reliability of the control system is further strengthened

the special controller and display for mobile equipment with reliable performance are widely used. For example, the series controller products produced by EPC company have high protection grade, wide working temperature range, multiple PWM output terminals and large current output terminals, and can bus and RS232 communication interface, It is a controller specially developed for mobile equipment such as Jinan assay mechanical property testing machine and engineering vehicles

the intelligent system integrating hydraulic pressure, microelectronics and information technology will become the mainstream development direction and be widely used in the product design of construction machinery. The computer assisted driving system, information management system and fault diagnosis system will be continuously improved based on the wide application of microelectronics and information technology; Electronic monitoring and automatic alarm system and automatic gear shifting device will be widely used; The construction machinery used for accurate excavation (shovel), loading, loading and transportation of materials will be equipped with GPS positioning and automatic weighing device

based on the research of construction technology and the comprehensive application of computer technology, microelectronics technology, information technology, wireless communication technology and automatic control technology, the intelligent research of various construction machine groups (such as asphalt mixing station, asphalt transport vehicle, asphalt transfer vehicle and asphalt paver for expressway construction, which form a construction machine group) will be carried out one after another

it can be predicted that in the near future, the project construction management and process control will be intelligent, and the construction quality will be controlled in the whole process to ensure that it is within the scope of design requirements

but also under the pressure of environmental challenges


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