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The British guy who saved ancient machinery: collect 41 tons of old looms and create fabric brands

the British guy who saved ancient machinery: collect 41 tons of old looms and create fabric brands

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original title: the British guy who saved ancient machinery: collect 41 tons of old looms and create fabric brands

collecting antiques is a hobby of many people. We often see people who collect ancient utensils, including ancient bowls, ancient vases, ancient paintings, ancient textile machines... It seems that there are strange things that have a great impact on human health

in 2011, Daniel Harris, who was under the age of 30, founded a company, "the panel assembly industry of London cloth company faces considerable market space". But it all started when he bought an antique textile machine from 1924

Daniel, who learned some sewing skills in the art school, relied on these sewing skills after graduation to earn living expenses by doing odd jobs for some advertising companies and the fashion industry

One autumn in 2010, Daniel found an old black loom in an old barn in the Welsh countryside by chance. The owner said to Daniel, "do you want this loom? I'll sell it to you at a low price, because if you don't, we'll disassemble it into parts and sell it to the recycler."

he rubbed away the rusty parts, replaced the broken belt, and put the power back on the street. Little by little, Daniel learned about the performance of the machine through reorganization. Next, he learned how to weave. A year later, Daniel purchased two other looms, and then continued to collect old looms. Up to now, there are 41 tons of looms, some of which can be traced back to the 1870s

he not only buys looms, but also weaves with these old looms. The power battery prices of the current RMB 3 line and the lithium iron phosphate line have dropped by more than 15% compared with december2016. London cloth company produces all kinds of fabrics, from plain weave to applicable materials: plastic plates, pipes, profile checks, twills to herringbone patterns, and also has customers with fixed cooperation

there are many famous brands in these customers, such as daks, a British classic brand founded in 1894, Savile row, a tailor-made street in London, hardy Amis, an old brand of men's clothing, and ally capellino, the favorite of London's cultural youth

in addition to producing styles for cooperative customers that are often sold, londoncloth company also accepts various customized fabrics and continues to develop new styles. For example, as many as 63 kinds of indigo tannin fabrics are favored by Japanese customers. Only a few days ago, about 1000 meters were transported to Japan

influenced by wool imported from New Zealand and Australia, the wool industry in Britain has been severely hit. Daniel with a childish face is full of ideals. He is not only rescuing those old looms. In order to protect the British wool industry, Daniel insists on using the wool of the three British Islands. These local, natural and undyed fabrics are welcomed by many customers

in 2011, he founded the fabric company weaving with old looms. Through the communication channel of Facebook, he attracted many magazine media reports, and Daniel quickly became popular. He moved the factory into an old air force hangar, where he put a large number of old looms in his collection. Influenced by the industrial revolution, the old looms forgotten by mankind, under Daniel's rescue, not only recovered their luster, but also began to continuously produce those memorable fabrics

Daniel said: you think you saved these old machines. In fact, they led you to find your interest in life

do you have the same ambition as Daniel

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