On Monday 12th, the quotation of Nantong Shenhua s

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On Monday (12th), the quotation of Nantong Shenhua styrene butadiene rubber was increased by 300 yuan/ton

Nantong Shenhua mixer switch was turned on to lock the normal production of the styrene butadiene device. Recently, team 1 formed a non-ferrous metal new material R & D and technology development advantage 502 with distinctive characteristics and obvious advantages. The lower ring, connecting ring and intermediate ring were produced: the production line was converted to production 1500, and the other two lines still produced 1712e. Today, the quotation of styrene butadiene rubber of Shenhua company rose, and now the quotation of rosin styrene butadiene rubber rose to 18500 yuan/ton (delivery price), an increase of 300 yuan/ton. The quotation of 1712e rose to 15500 yuan/ton (delivery price), an increase of 300 yuan/ton. The company has limited supply to the market this month

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