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Emerson's new metal sealed ball valve can provide better protection for key equipment under severe working conditions

Emerson 2, Marshall Town, Iowa The process management of electrical appliances affected by moisture introduces a fisher Z500 suitable for severe working conditions, which can be directly or indirectly illuminated by the sun, metal sealed ball valve

fisher Z500 metal seal ball valve is designed to better meet the requirements of high temperature, high pressure and abrasion conditions than standard switch ball valve, and provide better reliability and operation protection for key equipment with 28 (5) 0500631280 d=6a in these severe conditions. The two-way sealing design can provide a special solution for the production workshop of the enterprise, which is used to meet the process back pressure and shutdown requirements in two directions, so as to protect the control valve and other equipment on the pipeline

The Fisher Z500 ball valve is designed with an integrated metal valve seat and pressure assisted metal valve body gasket, which helps to avoid leakage and withstand extreme temperature changes. Loaded packing, side mounting brackets and fixed centerlines help reduce lateral loads on the packing and reduce overall wear, thereby providing longer service life. As a supplement to Fisher's existing control valve product series, this on-off valve helps to ensure seamless integration between Fisher products

the combined supply of isolation valves and control valves can provide our customers with one-stop service provider solutions to help them achieve process protection and meet their reliability requirements for critical applications. Kevin Meyer, President of Emerson Fisher Valve and instrument department, said that for our extensive Emerson global sales network and service center, adding a high-quality product not only means that we can provide customers with comprehensive valve components, but also means that we will provide customers with local service support for this product at the same time

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