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Traffic police found a batch of fake paint during vehicle inspection

traffic police found a batch of fake paint on May 20, 2013

[China paint information] on May 14, Weng'an Public Security Bureau, in the process of use, would emit toxic and harmful chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, 2 toluene, etc. when the traffic police brigade of Wenfeng Road in the county inspected passing vehicles, it accidentally found fake paint

at about 14:00 on May 14, the traffic police carried out traffic order rectification. During the inspection of GUI ccs160 minibus driven by Hu, it was found that the two rows of seats behind the car were all removed, and a car full of oil was pulled in the car. If the number of paint increased sharply, after careful inspection by the police, the paint outsourcing work was rough, the handwriting was fuzzy, and it was suspected of fake and inferior products. The police on duty immediately contacted the law enforcement officers of the County Administration for Industry and commerce to check on the spot and found that the 48 barrels of paint pulled by the van were all fake and inferior products, involving many well-known brands such as nippon, China Resources, Bauhinia Flower, etc., with a case value of more than 5000 yuan. According to the industrial and commercial regulations, Hu will be fined not more than three times the case value

has created a benchmark product in the field of new energy vehicles

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