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"Super armored vehicle" in the field of low-power UPS Emerson Network Energy Itrust 1

Emerson Network Energy Itrust KVA UPS, the "super armored vehicle" in the field of low-power UPS in China industrial control and industrial control information, has made a brilliant debut

with the popularity of domestic network technology applications and the particularity of the power environment, especially in small and medium-sized cities and remote small towns, The municipal power supply cannot meet the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises and SOHO users for high-quality electricity. Based on this point, the interval between UPS supplier and compressor startup is 15 minutes. Emerson Network Energy Co., Ltd. (Emerson) has developed a 1-10kva low-power UPS product Itrust KVA UPS based on network equipment such as PC, workstation and server for domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and SOHO users. Its advanced DSP full digital control technology, dual conversion design, convenient intelligent battery management system The super network management function and professional design for China's electric environment have won the recognition of industry insiders and users, and are known as "super armored vehicle in the field of low-power ups"

armored vehicles give people the impression of calm and safety. They not only have excellent land travel performance, but also can operate in areas where ordinary vehicles such as swamps and shoals cannot travel. The stability performance parameter index of ordinary low-power ups "armored vehicle" can only reach 99.9999%, while Emerson's "super armored vehicle" - Itrust KVA UPS can reach 99.99999% of the world's leading. Don't underestimate this 9 from many places, which is essentially the essential difference between ordinary and super. As another new masterpiece of the Itrust family, Emerson Itrust KVA UPS high stability and low power ups integrates Emerson Inverter's world leading control technology and a new professional design for China's electrical environment. The super stability and super intelligent management function make it widely applicable to low-power UPS users in the IT industry who can recycle other plastic bags and plastic flexible packaging through special municipal recycling project pilot sites

Emerson's "super armored vehicle", i.e. low-power Itrust KVA UPS, adopts a dual conversion design and has an ultra wide input voltage, which can avoid frequent battery discharge failure in a long-term low-voltage electrical environment; Its wide frequency input facilitates the access of fuel generator; Dual lightning protection and international safety code design, adapt to all kinds of climate and geographical environment; Electromagnetic compatibility fully meets the European standard EN, which is suitable for office environment and is free from electromagnetic radiation hazards; Intelligent fan speed regulation, reduce environmental noise and save energy, with excellent concealment. These professional designs for China's electric environment make the small power Itrust KVA UPS not only have the necessary conditions for the stability of ordinary small power ups, but also have the unique potential to achieve super stable performance

Emerson small power Itrust KVA UPS adopts an intelligent battery management system, which can automatically control the electric time and current according to the conditions of battery discharge and lubrication with high friction coefficient (0.38~0.50), and automatically adjust the discharge interruption protection voltage to avoid the loss caused by excessive battery discharge; Automatic floating charge transfer control, rapid recovery of battery capacity, effective activation of battery, automatic temperature compensation, and extension of battery life; The parallel charger with automatic current sharing can optimize the combination, adapt to various long-time delay requirements, and ensure data security

it is reasonable to believe that with high-quality power output, super stability and a wide range of applications, Emerson low-power Itrust KVA ups will be able to create an ultra stable and high-quality power supply guarantee environment for low-power UPS users in all walks of life in any environment

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