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Trai has revised the tariff of cable services to make consumption more friendly to BDO market players

the revision of the new regulatory framework for cable and broadcast services aims to provide broadcasters or distribution platform operators (dpos) with the freedom of pricing services, while ensuring a consumer friendly system

the Indian telecommunications regulatory authority (trai) notified the amendment on January 1, which was criticized by broadcasters and cable TV operators

Trai said in a report that the new framework launched last year has been very successful in coordinating business processes, reducing disputes between stakeholders, making subscriber reports transparent by displaying the price of each channel to consumers on electronic program guides, improving the clarity of channel pricing, and achieving transparent subscriber reports. Declaration

it further affects the improvement of industrial development. Transparency has brought better tax compliance, thereby improving government revenue

however, due to the abuse of available flexibility by a group of service providers, the expected benefits of consumers' freedom of choice cannot be fully realized

the new tariff order (NTO) 2.0 not only promotes consumers to choose the channel they choose as a single point or multi-channel channel, but also ensures that the linear temperature rise and fall speed of a single point (average speed every 5 minutes) is 1/2 of the average temperature rise and fall speed of the whole process. The price of the channel is not illusory

in order to protect the interests of consumers, trai revised the new regulatory framework for cable TV and broadcasting services on Wednesday. According to the framework, if cable TV users are loose, they will be able to access more channels at a lower subscription price

it is worth noting that the upper limit of trai is 160 rupees, that is, the amount consumers must pay for all free airline channels every month

trai said in a statement that it has decided that if multiple TV families make multiple TV connections in the name of one person, it will charge up to 40% of the declared network capacity fee (NCF) for second and other TV connections

after studying various regulations, the trai also reduced the maximum NCF fee of 200 channels to 130 rupees (excluding tax)

in addition, it was also decided that the channels declared mandatory by the Ministry of and broadcasting would not be included in the number of channels in the NCF

the authorities also allow DPO to offer discounts on long-term subscriptions for six months or longer

trai means that the sum of the single point charges of the paid channels forming part of the bouquet shall not exceed half and half of the unit price of the bouquet as part of the paid channel in any case

it said that the single point charge rate of each payment channel (MRP) constituting the bouquet should not exceed three times the average rate of the payment channel of the bouquet to which the bouquet belongs under any circumstances

trai also decided that only those channels with MRP less than 12 rupees are allowed to join the bouquet provided by the broadcasting company

the regulator said that it also took into account the concerns of broadcasters about DPO charging huge transportation fees


trai said that the broadcaster should pay DPO a transportation fee ceiling of 400000 rupees per month within one month to transport channels in the country

the authorities also consider giving DPO more flexibility to put TV channels on the electronic program guide (EPG), and require that channels in one language be kept together when placing channels on EPG

the statement said that such EPG layout must be mandatory to report to the trai, and no changes can be made without the prior approval of the competent authorities

the new regulations are part of the changes made by the regulator to its 2017 broadcasting and cable television service tariff order. They will come into effect on March 1

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