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Emerson Process Management will significantly increase project services

October 9, 2012 - Emerson Process management plans to expand its project engineering and technical personnel to meet the needs of major project activities. With the number of new projects growing at a double-digit rate, it is necessary to increase the engineering quantity. Emerson wants to take this opportunity to effectively and timely implement the project to meet the needs of customers

we have seen unprecedented project development, especially in very large projects. In the past three years, Jim Nyquist, President of Emerson Process Management's PlantWeb solution set with a maximum load of 250 kn, said that this is very gratifying. The vast majority of customers chose us, which is also the catalyst for our project load to maintain a leading position in the growth of engineering resources

this expansion was also significant in the past. Since 2005, Emerson has added more than 2500 engineers and project executives. The staffing level of project activities in 2012 exceeded 4600. At present, the company's engineering and technical personnel are joining at a double-digit growth rate and expect to do so at least in the next five years. Emerson continues to grow in all disciplines, including process control, safety instrumented systems, electrical and instrumentation, networking, and wireless networking, as well as deep industry knowledge and operations management. Based on the specific needs of the project, various disciplines began to play a role and achieved the automation goal of users

Nyquist said: we don't just increase employees, we make them more efficient and effective. We have invested in the standard practices and tools of engineering projects for many years, and the advantage of global communication technology we are taking is that we can find global talents, and then deploy our professional 2.0kw industry knowledge in front of any destination. Our commitment is competitive, predictable and high-quality engineering services, so that they can put into production and make money as soon as possible to meet the needs of customers

major project activities are regularly carried out in developed countries and emerging markets, requiring considerable engineering resources to be concentrated in a geographical area for a period of time. Emerson's engineering depth - including a number of back office engineering centers that it owns through the serial port (COM number) on the back of the computer - enables global collaboration and adjustment of its overall global engineering and technical personnel to serve these occasions. At the same time, the standardized project implementation plan of its project management office (PMO) ensures consistent results anywhere in the world. The front office/back office virtual team, which combines PMO standards and best practices, has reduced the cost of project implementation, and the recent major automation contractor projects, thus greatly saving end users

customers served by Emerson project reflect the diversity in the automation market, ranging from BP's oil production platform in the North Sea, Lucite International's global polymer plant in Singapore, and Brazil's Petrobras oil refining facilities. They all use Emerson's automation technology to meet their growing business needs

evidence of an excellent project execution team was found in a very positive customer survey results, including Emerson's other large-scale project awards, and customers entrusted Emerson with managing multi project plans for several years. In the past year, the customer survey results, both with the satisfaction of project management and the increase of 3 points of customer loyalty score as a whole. The number of large projects (more than $5million) has tripled in less than two years. Many customers began to work with Emerson on a single project. So far, Emerson has managed multiple project plans. Emerson multi project management plan was started in 2001 and currently manages 13

the growth of Emerson engineering services means the continuous expansion of engineering technicians, consistent processes and engineering tools to improve efficiency

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