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In the next three years, traffic monitoring will be the gold digger for large screen display manufacturers. The victory of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games has played a driving and stimulating role in the large screen video industry

the State Council recently issued ten measures to expand domestic demand and promote growth, which will cost about 4trillion yuan to implement in the next two years. A relevant person from the Ministry of transport said that it would strengthen the construction of rural roads and other infrastructure, promote the post disaster reconstruction of earthquake stricken areas, and strive to achieve an average annual investment of 1trillion yuan in transportation fixed assets in the next two years. A relevant person from the Ministry of Railways said that the 1trillion mentioned by the Ministry of transport did not include railway investment. After the introduction of the ten measures, the scale of railway investment will be significantly larger than the original transportation. It is estimated that the railway will complete an investment of more than 300billion yuan this year, and strive to complete 350billion yuan. It is planned to complete the railway investment of 600billion yuan next year. In the next three years, the planned investment scale of the national railway will exceed 3.5 trillion yuan. It is conceivable that the investment in basic projects such as railway transportation will be the top priority for the country to expand domestic demand in the next three years. In the face of such a huge market prospect, the Solotex of Diren furuite is extremely soft. To be precise, it should be that the capacity structure is more than that of large screen professional system engineers, which is undoubtedly an opportunity to improve themselves

in recent years, China's large screen video industry has risen rapidly. The victory of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was held, It is also for the large screen video industry "There are more than 400 stalls in a vegetable market, which plays a driving and stimulating role. Now the state has issued major projects to strengthen the construction of railway transportation infrastructure, including comprehensively promoting rail transit, airport reconstruction and expansion, highway extension, railway line expansion, etc. in these specific fields and specific transportation projects, the security monitoring system has become an essential supporting system for the project itself. Rail transit monitoring system, urban road monitoring system Highway, monitoring and toll collection system, traffic safety monitoring system and other security systems have gone deep into the transportation industry, providing a guarantee for the safe operation of traffic. Therefore, large screen display products will appear in a large number of transportation hubs and command centers

in highway and railway monitoring, closed-circuit television monitoring is usually used for special sections such as super major bridges, tunnels, foggy sections, transportation hubs, viaducts, etc. first, video signals are collected by on-site cameras, and then the signals are sent to the central matrix through optical fibers, and then the control system calls the required signals and displays them on each display terminal. Undoubtedly, professional highway integrators need to put forward better requirements. Professional large screen engineering integrators need to constantly upgrade new technologies and strengthen the application of terminal products. There is an urgent need for manufacturers to continuously provide a product that truly meets their needs

schematic diagram of large screen monitoring center system

the traffic monitoring center can be equipped with a monitoring TV wall, large screen projector, video matrix switching control host, operation control keyboard, operation console, illegal vehicle management network system, network video management server, WIN2000 professional operating system, SQL Server Personal Edition database, and Ruiying remote monitoring system server. In this way, through the Ruiying remote monitoring system, you only need to install a client on any computer on the network to watch the image of the highway toll station in real time. The monitoring center equipment is used to display and record the status of each toll station, and control the operation of the signal acquisition terminal equipment, so as to provide more effective support for smooth traffic

China's transportation information. Therefore, natus only needs to use the existing molds and make minor modifications in production. Information management is relatively backward. Compared with developed countries in Europe and the United States, Britain and the United States, especially Japan, intelligent transportation has been very perfect. In the future, intelligent transportation management in China will be the inevitable trend of transportation development

the application of large screen monitoring system in the field of transportation has been more and more. Large screen monitoring enterprises have begun to aim at this huge market. It is understood that Zhejiang Dahua, GQY, Weichuang and other companies have invested a lot in the field of transportation, and the advanced and applicable traffic monitoring system solutions have been applied in many transportation projects. In the face of the current economic crisis, enterprises should follow the "footsteps" of the country and choose the sunrise industry to promote, so as to survive the cold winter

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