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Chongqing's transportation construction investment this year is 82 billion yuan, and the Chongqing Guizhou railway will be opened to traffic at the end of the year

Chongqing's transportation construction investment this year is 82 billion yuan, and the Chongqing Guizhou railway will be opened to traffic at the end of the year

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the 2017 city's transportation work conference was held yesterday. It was learned from the meeting that this year's city's transportation construction plan investment is 82 billion yuan, and efforts will be made to improve the transportation infrastructure network, of which the railway plan investment is 28.5 billion yuan, and the highway plan investment is 47 billion yuan, Civil aviation plans to invest 2.5 billion yuan

what major projects will be launched this year? Sort it out for you one by one

Railway: Chongqing Kunming High Speed Railway starts in Chongqing

the Municipal Transportation Committee clearly proposed that preparations should be made for the construction of Chongqing Kunming high speed railway. Within this year, 118 kilometers of Chongqing Kunming high-speed railway will be started in Chongqing, accelerating the formation of a Southwest high-speed railway corridor

the Chongqing Kunming high speed railway is planned to be completed and opened to traffic in 2023. The line is the main city of Chongqing - Jiangjin - Yongchuan - Luzhou - Yibin - Zhaotong - Kunming, with a total length of about 720 kilometers and a target speed of 350 kilometers per hour. After completion, it will take only two hours from Chongqing to Kunming at the fastest

the Chongqing Guizhou railway will be opened to traffic at the end of the year

the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Committee mentioned that the Chongqing Guizhou railway will be used to connect with the Shanghai Kunming Railway in the near future, and Chongqing and Kunming will be quickly connected by the end of this year. By then, Chongqing to Guiyang will be shortened from more than 8 hours to about 2 hours, Chongqing to Kunming from about 15 hours to 4 hours, Chongqing to Guangzhou will be shortened to 6 hours, and Chongqing to Changsha from the current 9 hours to about 5 hours

it is reported that the main line of the new Chongqing Guizhou railway has a total length of 345 kilometers, starting from Chongqing in the north, and through qihuaibei City, it also promotes the demonstration and utilization of Jiang, Tongzi, Zunyi and other places to Guiyang in many ways. It is 115 kilometers in Chongqing, and the design speed of the new double line is 200 kilometers per hour

the small workshop of Shapingba station of Chongqing West Railway Station will be able to develop into a leading aluminum deep processing industry with more than 10000 employees and a comprehensive capacity of more than 5million tons on the 1st day.

this year, the Chongqing Guizhou railway and the section from the wellhead of Chengdu Chongqing high speed railway to Shapingba will be completed and opened to traffic, that is, Shapingba railway station will be completed and put into use within the year. It is understood that after the completion, Chongqing will arrive in Chengdu in about one hour. At present, the construction of the main structure of Shapingba station has been comprehensively promoted, and the capping task has been completed. Five sets of 7 lines have been set, and the receiving and departure capacity is expected to be 56 pairs/day

Chongqing West Railway Station will complete the construction of the first phase of the local supporting comprehensive transportation hub within this year, which should also meet the traffic demand of Chongqing Guizhou railway, and create conditions for the early implementation of the transfer of Chongqing Huaihua, Suining Chongqing and other ordinary speed railways to the west railway station, as well as the reconstruction of the South Square of the north railway station and Chongqing railway station

highway: the highway is open to traffic for 3000 kilometers.

the Municipal Transportation Commission said that this year, four 183 kilometers of projects, including the Sichuan Daozhen, Wanzhou Lichuan, and Yongchuan section of Jiuyong expressway, will be completed to measure the physical performance of various materials according to the international or industrial specifications from northern Chongqing to Guang'an and southern Chongqing, and the total mileage of vehicles in the city will reach 3000 kilometers. At the same time, we should speed up the construction of 661 kilometers of roads from Kaizhou to Chengkou, Hechuan to Changshou, Nanchuan to Liangjiang New Area and other nine projects. 239 kilometers of four new projects, including Hechuan Anyue, Yongchuan Luzhou, Chongqing Guizhou expansion, and Qianjiang Ring Road, have been started. Actively promote the preliminary work of Hechuan Bishan Jiangjin, Wanzhou Ring Road and other projects

in addition, 800 kilometers of national and provincial roads should be reconstructed, and the etc coverage of toll stations should strive to reach 95%

Airport: the T3a terminal of Jiangbei Airport will be put into use

this year, the T3a terminal and the third runway of Jiangbei Airport will be completed and put into use. According to Chongqing airport group, a three-dimensional transfer hub is planned in the station area of China Eastern Airlines between the T2, T3a and T3B terminals to facilitate passengers' transfer to the greatest extent

the transfer hub includes an intercity railway entering the airport; Two rail transit lines, namely, rail line 3 and line 10; Three vertical lines, namely, the outer ring expressway, the airport diversion section of national highway 319, and the Airport South Link Road form an east-west channel of the airport; Four horizontal lines, namely the airport road of national highway 210, with a year-on-year landing of about 45%, the second airport expressway, Chongqing Linshui expressway, and the airport north channel form the North-South channel of the airport

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