Emerson will install its digital power in Brazil's

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Emerson will install its digital power plant architecture in Brazil's combined cycle power plant

Emerson will install its PlantWeb digital power plant architecture using ovation control system in Brazil's Petrobras combined cycle power plant. Integrating multiple OEM systems into a single ovation control platform can support the expansion of the power plant. After the expansion is completed, it is expected to increase the power generation capacity by 50%

Pittsburgh (May 9, 2011). Emerson Process Management will install its PlantWeb digital power plant architecture using ovation expert control system at usina TERMEL trica Luis Carlos prestes power plant in Brazil. The power plant belongs to and is operated by Petr Leo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras), located in Lagoas, 400 kilometers northwest of Sao Paulo. Ovation will help optimize the overall efficiency and reliability of the power plant, which is being expanded to significantly increase its power generation capacity

when the power plant was put into operation in 2003, it was a single cycle 240mw power plant, using Alstom generators and four Ge 6fa gas turbines to supply gas through the nearby gasbol pipeline. In order to improve the capacity and efficiency, the power plant will be transformed into a 2x2x1 combined cycle power plant

Emerson's ovation system will monitor and control four new CBC waste heat boilers (HRSG), which are used to supply steam to two newly installed Siemens steam turbines. These steam turbines can generate 128 MW more electricity when consuming the same amount of fuel, thus helping Petrobras effectively meet the growing local power demand

the single cycle power plant has been using ovation technology to monitor and control the auxiliary system (BOP) and interface with the control devices of other power plant subsystems, including the Mark V control system of each gas turbine, Alstom automatic voltage regulator (AVR), abb continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) and Siemens electrical switchyard power distribution device. In addition to controlling the waste heat boiler, the new ovation system will also integrate the existing ovation control system and the new Siemens steam turbine, as well as the new auxiliary system (BOP) and electrical devices due to unit expansion

as part of the contract, Emerson will also upgrade all existing ovation controllers and add its AMS suite predictive maintenance software. Ovation system will also use Ethernet based Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS DP and OPC communication protocols to connect to other systems. Ovation system will manage a total of 10500 extrusion machinery sales, which will usher in a period of the fastest growth, i/o points. Emerson will also provide training and on-site services for the startup and commissioning of the power plant. The power plant is expected to be fully operational in July 2011

Emerson's automation solutions were selected for many reasons. The most important ones are the excellent performance of Ovation System in single cycle power plants and Emerson's ability to fully integrate systems from many different suppliers into a single platform. Integrating systems from multiple suppliers is a key goal of this project, which is also crucial to optimizing the overall efficiency and reliability of the power plant, while helping Petrobras maintain its long-term investment in control technology. Other reasons Emerson was selected include the company's experience in project management and its ability to provide local technical support: on-site engineering, customized training, and start-up assistance

our work in Petrobras shows how Emerson provides our customers with the best products and services in the world: global resources and professional technical knowledge in managing and implementing diversified power projects, as well as strong local on-site support with good professionalism

said Bob Yeager, President of Emerson utilities. These experiences and capabilities, together with our industry-leading technology, make Emerson the world's leading supplier of automation and control solutions in the field of new and retrofitted power generation projects

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