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In the early morning of November 17, a car and a motorcycle occurred in Zhulan Township, Huichang county. The research group focused on three to four different catalytic reactions. In the process of coordinated disposal, the vigilant car owner found an accident and immediately called the Huichang County Public Security Bureau. As a result, Huichang police cracked a series of theft cases when dealing with the rear end collision accident

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the suspect identified the stolen goods

a traffic accident occurred on a rainy night. The man riding the motorcycle looked suspicious

at about 2 a.m. on November 17, Chi drove back to Zhuangkou town from Huichang county. Due to the light rain, the line of sight on the car was not particularly good. When the car reached the Zhulan Township Road in Huichang County, a car with high beam came towards each other, and Chi suddenly felt very dazzling. Then, "bang bang", a huge noise scared chi into a cold sweat. "Did you hit a motorcycle traveling in the same direction?" Chi, who was instantly blinded, beat a drum in his heart before he could see the scene clearly

after parking, Mr. Chi immediately got out of the car to check. He saw a black motorcycle lying on the ground more than ten meters away from his car, a man lying on the ground, and items bundled on the motorcycle scattered on the ground. Chi was stunned by the situation in front of him. He and his friends immediately came forward to check the situation of the injured. Unexpectedly, before approaching the motorcycle, the man wearing a helmet lying on the ground unexpectedly climbed up as if nothing had happened

if there is an accident, it's best if people are fine. Seeing the other party get up, Chi's hanging heart immediately eased down. At this time, a red motorcycle in front immediately turned back after hearing the noise of the accident. It turned out that the other party was the colleague of the victim

considering that he knocked down the other party's motorcycle and that the person might be injured, Chi immediately called the police. In the process of waiting, Chi offered to take the other two to a nearby hotel for one night in order to show his goodwill, and took the crashed motorcycle to repair

during the conversation, Chi found that the other party spoke Mandarin, which was estimated to be an outsider. After Chi put forward his opinion, the two also agreed. At this time, Chi stepped forward to help the fallen man pick up sticks on the ground. However, Chi found that these rod-shaped items looked like brand-new cable wires, and the copper wires were cut at both ends

such a brand-new cable was cut and Baumert said it was broken, and two foreign men were still carrying it in snakeskin bags in the early morning. Chi immediately thought that it was most likely stolen stolen goods. In order to confirm his judgment, Chi immediately pretended to ask the two people about the source of things, but the two people were unable to justify themselves. The flustered language strengthened Chi's judgment

Chi immediately pretended to call a friend and dialed the alarm

the cable thieves committed more than 20 crimes in many places, with a case value of nearly 800000

after receiving the police information, the police of Zhulan police station of Huichang County Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene, controlled the two men, and then interrogated them on the scene. Facing the questioning of the police, the two men could not explain the source of the cable, and finally admitted the criminal fact of fleeing and stealing the cable. Subsequently, the two men were handed over to the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Huichang County Public Security Bureau

in the case handling area of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Huichang County Public Security Bureau, the two also tried to hide the facts of the crime at the beginning. Finally, under the ingenious and circuitous interrogation tactics of the police handling the case, after 10 hours of wits fighting, Zeng Sijian, the head of Guangdong cultivated land fertilizer station, said in an interview earlier that Dou Yong, they truthfully confessed their criminal facts

after investigation, suspect Liu, 34 years old, and Wang, 27 years old, are all from Ganzhou. On the afternoon of November 16 this year, the two rode a motorcycle, that is, a 0.1-1% precision car, from Nankang district to Huichang county. After dinner, they took tools and wandered around the buildings under construction around the country. Finally, they chose a building in the county. After entering the building with tools, the two people cut from the 18th floor of the building to the 4th floor, filled eight snakeskin bags with cables weighing more than 600 kilograms, and fled at about 2 a.m. the next day

after deep excavation by the police, the two suspect also confessed to the fact that since this year, they have committed more than 20 cases of theft of cable lines in several counties and districts in Hunan Province and Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, involving a value of nearly 800000 yuan

at present, Liu and Wang have been criminally detained by Huichang police according to law, and the case is under further trial

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