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SABIC held a lnptm product line technology summit in Shenzhen, focusing on new developments in 5g and electric vehicles

on March, SABIC will hold a technology summit in Shenzhen to provide information to processing enterprises, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original design manufacturers (ODMs) and end users, Focus on introducing advanced material solutions for 5g communication infrastructure and electric vehicle applications. At that time, SABIC will introduce in detail the mature scheme and the latest research and development progress of lnptm product line in the industry. It is expected that about 300 customers will attend this event

Shenzhen Technology Summit is the third celebration of the 70th anniversary of SABIC LNP product line. This product line includes a range of engineering thermoplastic modifiers and copolymer resins. The two previous summits proposed at the central city work conference in Taipei, China (December 2018) and Penang, Malaysia (January 2019) won unanimous praise from the audience. In addition, SABIC also launched a digital platform to focus on the latest technological innovation, solutions and other breakthrough R & D Progress of LNP product line

"every summit is tailor-made for local audiences. All keynote speeches and sample presentations are in line with the needs and design trends of the local market and industry," said Zhao Fanli, business director of SABIC LNP product line. "The Shenzhen summit is our first technology summit in Chinese Mainland aimed at promoting LNP product line diversification solutions."

the purpose is to compress the contact part between the indenter or anvil and the experimental machine. Talking about the upcoming technology summit, Tan Peijun, Asia Pacific Business Director of SABIC special materials department, said: "we hope that customers in South China market can further understand the value advantages and technological innovation of our products. As the communication industry in South China market has always maintained the momentum of rapid development, we focus on introducing product solutions for this industry. In addition, we are also preparing a technology summit for East and North China markets."

"at this summit, we will show more than 100 samples made of LNP modified materials and copolymer resins. These exhibits cover not only key markets such as electronics and electric vehicles, but also applications in consumer goods, industrial products, medical care and other fields," Tan Peijun added

many application fields will need to obtain various functional characteristics such as high modulus structure (HMD), nano molding technology (NMT), laser direct molding (LDS), integrated circuit, scratch resistance, special visual effect, high heat resistance and so on. The samples displayed at the Shenzhen Technology Summit will highlight the applicability of LNP materials in these fields

in the field of electric vehicles, the application of LNP modified materials helps to achieve lighter weight, higher performance, better appearance and better cost performance. For the application of interior and exterior decoration of automobile engine compartment, SABIC has launched products specially designed for electronic device shell, gear and pulley, fuel system and transmission system, including seat mechanism, instrument panel, headlamp ring and grille, rearview mirror bracket, etc. In addition, for advanced driving assistance system (ADAS), SABIC has also launched special thermoplastic products that help engineers improve on-board radar sensor technology. These materials help to achieve lightweight, replace metal materials, optimize design flexibility, and reduce potential system costs

the new generation 5g communication technology needs to build a more complex infrastructure system than 4G. The components that make up such infrastructure architecture, such as radome and antenna, phase shifter and RF filter, will require the application of a variety of high-performance materials. The modification scheme of exlnthm can provide better dielectric properties and dielectric resistance of exlnthm resin. In addition, LNP materials designed for mobile devices and automation devices can enable such devices to make full use of the convenience created by 5g communication technology, such as configuring multiple millimeter wave antenna modules and more sensors

"we hope to show our innovation strength and our reliability to the audience at the meeting - you know, LNP product line has been available for 70 years. Many plastic processing enterprises hope that their suppliers can ensure the high-quality and stable supply of products, which is exactly our advantage. Of course, we also look forward to working closely with customers to help customers release from self shenwanhongyuan "The lithium battery materials industry in-depth report (hereinafter referred to as the report) has gained the greatest benefit from our product concept and our material scheme," Zhao concluded


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