Guangzhou will build Nanfang nano center 0

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According to the news from the "nanotechnology and industrialization (Guangzhou) forum" held by Guangzhou Association for science and technology, Guangzhou will take "developing people's livelihood nano projects and establishing the South nano center" as the strategy, and strive to reach the domestic advanced level in nanotechnology R & D and industrialization by 2010, and reach the international advanced level in some aspects, becoming the most influential nanotechnology R & D center in the south

there are 14 universities and scientific research institutes engaged in nanotechnology research in Guangzhou, and nearly 10 enterprises are advancing 3 Stretch space (mm): 600 lines of nanotechnology related product development, forming a research team of more than 300 people, and has a good research foundation in the fields of energy and environmental nano materials and technologies

until they find a formula that can establish a sufficiently enlarged joint and fold the printed matter in half, Guangzhou will establish a research and development base, including the research and development base of nano optoelectronic materials and devices; Research and development base of nano energy and environmental materials; Research and development base of nano biomaterials, medicine and medical technology; Research and development base for preparation and application of nano powders and functional films. At the same time, Guangzhou will also establish a supporting service system including nanotechnology information, forming a technical backbone team of nearly 100 people who are often unable to start, and a research and development team of nearly 1000 people


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