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The hot spot of China's future adhesive consumption demand

in the next 5-10 years, China's adhesive consumption will still increase at the rate of 8% - 10%. If there is pipeline vibration, the development direction is as follows:

1 Urea formaldehyde adhesive with low formaldehyde emission accounts for about 30% of the total amount of synthetic adhesives in China. With the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the environmental protection requirements for man-made panels will be higher. Therefore, the market potential of urea formaldehyde adhesive with low formaldehyde emission is huge. At present, foreign companies have been producing urea formaldehyde adhesive with low formaldehyde emission in China, and supporting large-scale wood processing plants have been established

2. The hot-melt adhesive does not use organic flux, and has rapid construction and good bonding effect. It is the fastest growing adhesive in China in recent years, and it is also the development direction in the future. In addition to the traditional EVA hot-melt adhesive, there is also an urgent need to develop new varieties of polyester and polyamide hot-melt adhesives to enrich the achievements of production, study and research

3. Polyurethane adhesive is widely used in shoe-making, packaging, construction, automobile and other fields. Because of its excellent performance, it is considered to be one of the most promising adhesives in China. In developed countries, the adhesives used for shoe making are all polyurethane adhesives, the composite films used for packaging are all polyurethane adhesives, and the special adhesives such as tape are also polyurethane adhesives, which shows that they are widely used

4. Organic silicone adhesive in developed countries, silicone sealant is mainly used for building sealing. In the next few years, silicone sealant will also become the leading type of building sealant in China

5. High performance epoxy resin adhesive epoxy resin adhesive for electronic industry and epoxy structural adhesive for construction industry are difficult in production technology and poor in quality of domestic products. At present, they mainly rely on imports. 2. Whether the converter fan is normal, whether there is any abnormality, and whether the heat dissipation pipe is smooth;. It is estimated that the domestic consumption demand in this area will greatly exceed the average growth rate in the future

6. PVC plastic melt adhesive for automobile is the main sealant for automobile, accounting for about 1/3 of the adhesive for automobile in China. At present, the annual demand is about 1. In terms of the current situation of China's plastic industry, 10000 tons. With the development of China's automobile industry, especially the car industry, PVC plastic melt adhesive must have broad development prospects

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