The hottest Hotel moon cake is still luxurious

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Hotel moon cake luxury remains the same

in July this year, the national development and Reform Commission and other four ministries and commissions jointly issued an announcement prohibiting excessive packaging of moon cakes. Recently, during a visit to the moon cake market in Harbin, it was found that most of the moon cakes sold in shopping malls and supermarkets have successfully "slimmed down", while the force values measured by some large loading rates are slower than those sold in small hotels. Owens Corning: actively promoting the healthy development of the glass fiber industry, the packaging is very luxurious, and some also sell other goods. On the 23rd, I saw at a hotel in Yiyuan street, Nangang District that there are five kinds of moon cakes in the hotel. Among them, the most expensive one, eight mooncakes, costs 688 yuan. The packaging box of this kind of moon cake is made of wood plate, lined with sponge, and the sponge is attached with yellow silk. Eight mooncakes independently packed in imitation metal hard plastic boxes are embedded on the sponge. The whole box of moon cakes looks luxurious. Among the 7 kinds of boxed mooncakes sold in the moon cake sales area on the first floor of a large hotel on Youyi Road, Daoli District, the cheapest one is 138 yuan per box. The box is pasted with yellow silk and has 4 pieces of egg yolk lotus cakes inside. They are separately packaged in unique yellow boxes printed with butterfly patterns. The hotel also sells a luxury gift box with a price of 358 yuan: in a large red wooden box, there is a teapot in the center, and the external protection of the surrounding testing machine is four independent small boxes, each of which contains a moon cake, a tea cup and a box of tea. Because the price of tea and tea set in the gift box is higher than that of moon cake, the gift box is named Xiangming luxury gift box. In addition, among the moon cake gift boxes sold by the hotel, there are also some tie-in red wine and Baijiu. One gift box contains 8 moon cakes, a bottle of Baijiu and a box of tea. The price is nearly 500 yuan

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