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XCMG heavy truck contrarian growth Hanfeng family products appear at the Beijing International Auto Show

XCMG heavy truck contrarian growth Hanfeng family products appear at the Beijing International Auto Show

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on April 25, 2016 (the 14th) Beijing International Auto Show kicked off at the China International Exhibition Center, and XCMG heavy truck and three Hanfeng family products made their debut, XCMG heavy truck, driven by innovation, has its own overall strategy, product specialization, marketing accuracy and channel diversification to create a new development blueprint for Hanfeng family

at 2:00 p.m., the launch conference of Hanfeng family products with the theme of "chasing the wind day by day and moving money" was held in the commercial vehicle exhibition area. Mr. luodonghai, general manager and Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG automotive division, delivered a speech. The reason for this phenomenon is that Mr. Wang Jian, chief engineer of XCMG automotive division, released Hanfeng family g900/g700/g500 series products. Then, in the background of the silhouette of XCMG heavy truck new base and the running of the golden giant, XCMG heavy truck launched the full launch of the whole series of products of Hanfeng family

around the different needs of trunk logistics, medium and long distance logistics, medium and short distance logistics, engineering logistics and operation vehicles, hanvan Hanfeng heavy trucks are divided into G900 series/g700 series/g500 series according to space, power and comfort, forming the van Hanfeng product family at the end of Han experiment. Each series of the product family is committed to efficiency, safety and comfort under various working conditions

in the context of supply side structural reform, the automotive industry has also undergone profound changes. The slowdown in economic growth has also led to the slowdown in the development of people's livelihood demand-based industries, and the automotive industry, especially the heavy truck industry, is facing the transformation of growth momentum. Facing the profound changes in the product structure, customer structure, industry structure and regional structure of the heavy truck market, XCMG heavy truck comprehensively subdivides the market elements, focuses on the new business format of heavy truck, and starts a new thinking of fine marketing. At present, XCMG heavy truck has four series and six product platforms, including hanvan Hanfeng, Qilong, Ruilong, and off highway (hanwo), forming from medium truck to heavy truck, from narrow body to wide body, from left-hand drive to right-hand drive, from highway type to engineering type High, middle and low product groups. The full listing of Hanfeng family products means that XCMG heavy truck is building the core competitiveness of products in an all-round way and is coming out brightly through product familiarization, branding, serialization and differentiation

XCMG heavy truck has been closely following the pulse of the times in its development process, using innovation to drive change, so as to surpass and open the future, and realize the arduous entrepreneurship, overcoming difficulties, breaking cocoons and transformation of the first five-year development of the enterprise. Hanvan Hanfeng g700 was first listed when XCMG's new heavy truck base was put into production and offline last year, which has become a strong driving force for XCMG's growth against the trend in the overall decline of the industry. Hanfeng tractors are more than this year, with tax included, and the factory price increased by 540% year-on-year in the first quarter, becoming a beautiful scenic spot in the industry

in 2016, XCMG heavy truck will focus on the collaborative strategy of platform operation, adopt the business operation mode of "platform + specialization", comprehensively subdivide the market elements, focus on the new business form of heavy truck, start a new thinking of fine marketing, implement three-dimensional channel construction, two eight industrialization of resource investment, specialization of market operation, socialization of service distribution

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