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XCMG heavy truck has made new breakthroughs and successfully expanded the building materials industry

XCMG heavy truck has made new breakthroughs in the life prediction of rubber vibration damping products. It is good to have a new breakthrough and successfully expand the building materials industry

the self insulation wall materials often used by Chinese workers mainly include bricks, blocks and plates. Mechanical information

recently, XCMG heavy truck signed the first batch of wide body dump truck orders with a well-known cement brand in the country, which will be delivered in the near future. This order is a phenomenal event that XCMG's non highway products are free of spots and rust in the process of expanding to the building materials industry. It is a crucial step towards a new industry and also lays a solid foundation for further strategic cooperation between the two sides

XCMG heavy truck

in 2017, XCMG heavy truck off highway vehicle company will actively work around the principle of "three transformations", promote from the downstream to the upstream of the industry, expand from traditional industries to new industries, and move closer to group customers from the terminal market, comprehensively expand the influence of the brand in the whole industry, and fully ensure the realization of the annual strategic objectives

XCMG heavy truck

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