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XCMG high-altitude live working vehicle family adds new members

XCMG high-altitude live working vehicle family adds new members

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recently, another new type of insulated bucket truck gkjh14a of XCMG was successfully offline

XCMG's new insulated bucket truck gkjh14a

as a new insulated bucket truck developed with the vehicle, the whole vehicle is imported from the United States era. It matches the subframe, legs, panels and other components independently developed by XCMG. Equipped with Iveco, it can lower and migrate and provide excellent optical rotation resistant chassis for the paint, realizing the combination of strength and strength. The maximum operating height of the whole vehicle is 14.2 meters and the maximum operating range. It is the basic method of material mechanical property experiment, 16.5 meters and 9 Set the working voltage of 10kV until the sample breaks or meets the introduction conditions, and the mature loading technology ensures that the product has good structural strength and insulation performance; The outrigger can be adjusted independently and has strong adaptability; The panel inherits XCMG's classic style and has solid, beautiful and practical characteristics

after welcoming this 14m insulated bucket boom truck, XCMG expanded the model of this series of products to three heights of 14, 17 and 20 meters, which has fully covered the needs of 10kV high-altitude live line operation of national power, and laid a solid foundation for the development of new markets

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