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XCMG lifting machinery leads the healthy and rational development of the industry

XCMG lifting machinery leads the healthy and rational development of the industry

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in 2014, the arrival of the post financial crisis era, the fluctuation of the global economy, the transfer of the "active zone" of the market, and the rise of new emerging forces in the industry are reshaping the new pattern of the world construction machinery industry and pushing the whole industry to an unprecedented historical stage and pass. As the leader of the global crane industry, XCMG hoisting machinery division adheres to the "three more focuses" as the center, closely focuses on the four focuses of market, risk management and control, business performance and talent training, accelerates the adjustment and transformation, deeply implements the rational, pragmatic and steady development strategy, and constantly innovates and creates excellence in marketing, products and management modes. At a time when the global economic recovery is slow and the growth rate of the industry continues to decline, it has embarked on a unique path of transformation and upgrading, leading the healthy and rational development of the industry

keep close to the market, and the product share has increased steadily

XCMG hoisting machinery adheres to the market-oriented principle, sticks to the annual goal, goes deep into the market, studies the market, cultivates the market, expands the market, pays attention to research and development, focuses on marketing network construction on the one hand, seizes market share, and focuses on research and development to promote product upgrading on the other hand, so that the enterprise has achieved stable development in the adverse trend, and the overall business situation is improving. The four major industries are developing at the same time, with the share of wheeled cranes nearly 60%. Crawler cranes continue to consolidate the top position in the industry. The market share of tower cranes has increased by 5.8%, and the share of fire trucks has reached 63.5%, continuing to lead the development of the industry. Deepen the marketing system BS EN 1365 ⑶: 2000 Liang implements the market share guideline strategy, grasps the opportunity of the change of the solution to the uneven pointer of the electronic tension machine above the industrial policies such as the third/fourth country switch, builds the customer relationship management platform of the business division, actively promotes new products, and seizes market share. The integration and upgrading of technical systems have promoted the research and development of major products in the market, and the market effect has gradually emerged. The upgraded products of qy20k5 crane have entered the market in batches, xgtl1600 super large boom tower crane has been sold, and Sinopec's special model gtbz22 aerial work platform has reached a batch purchase intention agreement

manage and control risks and take the road of healthy and connotative development

in 2014, XCMG crane took the pursuit of business quality as the core, firmly established the concept and standard of "quality benefit growth" in all staff systems, and made great efforts in business risk management and control. Pay close attention to the lifeline of risk management externally, change the marketing business model, implement the whole process risk control of early prevention, medium-term control and late supervision, focus on major projects to improve the collection capacity, deeply promote the "rendanheyi" of accounts receivable, the "four in one" of assessment, the "compulsory collection" of non-performing loans, and strengthen the inter period early warning mechanism of accounts receivable. In the first half of the year, the main business increased by nearly 20% year-on-year, The total amount of accounts receivable remains unchanged to ensure the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the division. Optimize the management mode internally, strengthen internal control, focus on cost reduction and efficiency increase, management upgrading, and lean production, tap the potential of internal management, and improve their profitability and health genes. In the first half of the year, the cost reduction and efficiency increase project of the division generated economic benefits of nearly 100 million yuan, the management and control system of the Division has been strengthened, and phased results have been achieved in lean production line layout and process reengineering, logistics system planning and construction, standardized operation planning and design, etc

revenue is blue ocean, and the "dark horse" benefits of the post market are beginning to show.

with the slowdown in the growth demand for complete construction machinery, spare parts, used cars and other post market areas have attracted great attention. In 2014, XCMG hoisting machinery division actively expanded the blue ocean field of construction machinery, comprehensively refined the post market construction of products in the fields of after-sales service, spare parts sales, used cars and remanufacture, and cultivated new profit growth points. The sales of spare parts is based on adjusting the organization, optimizing the business platform, expanding spare parts points, developing second-line brands. If the production of all spare parts reaches the production capacity, and implementing the electronic spare parts inquiry system, there are now 100 spare parts dealers, and the sales revenue of spare parts has increased significantly. The crane remanufacturing base initially has the ability to repair and remanufacture the four major parts of the structure, creating favorable conditions for post market operation and spare parts maintenance. In the first half of the year, the number of complete machine maintenance increased by 200% over the same period. In the face of the hot sales market of used cars, XCMG hoisting machinery division opened a new place and planned to establish a used car business organization at the beginning of the year, so as to open up the upstream and downstream nodes of the used car business chain, layout the sales network, and speed up the sales of used cars. According to the post market system simulation accounting model, the operating revenue of 320million yuan was achieved in the first half of this year alone, which has become a "dark horse" in the most basic data industry for the displacement detection of the universal crane experimental machine

talent first, speed up the "release" of senior talents

for manufacturing enterprises, high skilled talents are an indispensable part of improving their core competitiveness. Cultivating a group of high skilled talents with superb skills and exquisite skills is the human resources guarantee for enterprises to successfully achieve transformation and upgrading. In 2014, XCMG lifting machinery division accelerated the training of high skilled talents, opened up the upstream links of talent training, deepened the customized training of school enterprise cooperation, and worked with XCMG technical school to implement the construction of professional quality and engine integration workstation for students majoring in assembly, welding and processing. We will promote the implementation of the "golden blue collar 211 plan". Based on the needs of flexible employment, overseas factory construction and overseas services, we will select four types of excellent skilled workers for the division, including welders, machining, fitters and coating workers, to carry out multi skilled and composite reserve training. At the same time, all kinds of on-the-job training, arena competition and promotion training are in full swing in the division, Cultivate and cultivate a highly skilled talent team

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