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Preview of enterprise development trend -- packaging and printing enterprise bosses talk about development

at the Heidelberg East Lake forum held at the same time of the 2012 national printing managers' annual meeting, several heads of printing enterprises with characteristics in domestic innovation shared their innovation experience

innovation is necessary to survive.

representative of view: Yao song (general manager of Beijing Dingjia Chuangshi Investment Co., Ltd.)

Beijing Dingjia Chuangshi Investment Co., Ltd., who was born in advertising, has taken the initiative to implement 65% energy-saving standard in Shandong, Henan and other regions, which is completely incompatible with the thinking of traditional printing enterprises. Traditional printing enterprises only focus on their own products, while Beijing Dingjia focuses on a platform, relying on its established Printing City, to bring together more printing enterprises and upstream and downstream enterprises to jointly improve the entire industrial chain. Yao Song told China publishing news that if you want to survive, you must innovate, and printing enterprises must have the awareness of transformation and upgrading

Yao song entered the printing industry in 2002. The company has advertising companies, printing companies, media companies and real estate development companies. He believes that in the past, most printing enterprises used known methods to solve known problems, often relying solely on increasing the number of production factors, expanding production scale, buying more equipment, recruiting more employees, producing more products, and then obtaining more wealth. But the current situation is no longer this pattern, and this extensive growth will come to an end

innovation is not so esoteric. Yao Song said that innovation is not the patent of large enterprises, nor is it high consumption. There is no fixed rule for innovation. Innovation involves management, technology, culture and other aspects. Therefore, enterprises need to do a good job in the combination of strategic innovation and tactical innovation, so as to achieve curve transcendence

industrial development driven by creative design

viewpoint representative: Zhang Jiuzhi (general manager of Shanghai jinhuitong creative design development Co., Ltd.)

Shanghai jinhuitong, whose products are concentrated in the packaging field of large food such as tea and baking, has an innovative design team of more than 100 people, and the huge product designers have created a lot of sales revenue for the enterprise, soaring from more than 30 million yuan in 2007 to 260 million yuan in 2011. In the distribution of hundreds of millions of yuan of output value, 80% of the share comes from creativity and related services, while pure printing processing accounts for only the remaining 20%, which truly realizes the industrial development driven by creative design

are we printers? Which direction should the printing industry develop in? We should not be printers. Tangled problems are always intertwined in the hearts of printers. In the traditional concept, the printing tradition is backward. How to change from a passive processing enterprise to an active service-oriented enterprise? After years of exploration, Zhang Jiuzhi finally chose to integrate creative design, processing and service, extend the printing and packaging industry chain to the two ends of creative design and market services, make cross-border joint efforts, become a creative integration service provider, and provide customers with all kinds of creative value-added services required throughout the value chain, so as to get out of the dilemma

we can't print for the sake of printing, but we should see what our customers need according to the market, and we must integrate this idea from the aspects of packaging design, research and development, so that customers can get the experience of maximizing value. This is Zhang Jiuzhi's business philosophy

leading is the wood of continuation. Representative: Sheng Luqing (Shanghai Siwei culture media Co., Ltd.)

is also to build a platform, and also has the awareness of transformation and upgrading. Shanghai Siwei culture media Co., Ltd. is taking a different route. The company doesn't want to do the passive processing business of traditional printing. It wants to do an upgraded version and engage in modern service industry. Therefore, it does not confine itself to the scope of the traditional printing industry, but is positioned to provide cross-border services and build a comprehensive platform. Since 2008, the company has independently developed the application service system of digital publishing technology and established the cloud computing center of digital publishing technology, completely replacing the traditional operation mode, thereby improving work efficiency, reducing operating costs, and improving business flexibility. At the same time, it cooperates with world-renowned software enterprises, takes the market demand as the goal, adopts the personalized software service mode, and develops a personalized system that meets the market demand. Under the premise of both hardware and software, the company has gradually improved its transformation to digitalization and realized the transformation and upgrading from tradition to digitalization. And this is also in line with the company's business philosophy. Taking the lead is the wood of renewal. Reviewing the process of digital innovation of the company over the years, Sheng Luqing has the deepest understanding of four points: the core technology must be mastered by himself, the interactive combination of production, learning, research and application, the establishment of a professional technical team, and the support of the government department's policy of putting the friction head in the middle. He said: only innovation is the eternal core competitiveness and driving force of enterprises. Enterprises must master the core technology by themselves. The company starts with the introduction of advanced technology and imitation learning, gradually transitions to independent research and development, and finally develops a new service platform suitable for its own development. But we also need to remember that innovation must be adapted to local conditions

product oriented innovative business structure

viewpoint representative: Xu Weijian (Chairman of Zhejiang Huahua Digital Printing Co., Ltd.)

most of the customers served are international well-known IT manufacturers. Such customer resources make many new and old printing enterprises envy. However, considering the length of service, Zhejiang Huahua Digital Printing Co., Ltd. is a novice in the printing industry. It began to engage in the printing industry only in 2007. Therefore, it did not follow the common sense and found a suitable way of survival and innovation in the way of printing. We build our business structure based on products. Xu Weijian told China publishing news. Traditional printing enterprises process with supplied materials, and Zhejiang Huahua digital also makes products for customers. However, as the bearer of the cold and hot shock test box outside the service, they have begun to expand the package from a more mature data state to a common sense state. They have introduced the design into the scope of processing trade services. At the early stage of the trial of new products, they have participated in the integration of relevant information of upstream and downstream enterprises, Applied to the production of printing, packaging and molding, so as to ensure the high quality of products and win a good reputation of customers. Xu Weijian said modestly: our customers are masters in the international resource industry, and their eternal theme is innovation. With the help of the external force of their innovation circle, we strive to meet their production needs, and turn this external force into internal force, so as to maintain the innovation ability of the enterprise. Adopting the welding method of learning and integrating the panels with obvious curvature, we can actively and passively use various resources of the printing enterprise, and finally achieve the development and expansion of the enterprise. Since most of the customers of the enterprise are in the IT industry, the refined management mode of the IT enterprise familiar to the customers is also adopted in the management mode. According to the characteristics of the products, the digital management system is adopted in the printing process, and a set of comprehensive process control methods suitable for the printing products of the enterprise are explored. Therefore, the torch project of service outsourcing process control of the Ministry of science and technology in 2011 is obtained. Xu Weijian believes that innovation must closely follow the needs of customers and find out the pulse of market demand. All innovation should be carried out around obtaining greater economic benefits. If there is no market demand, no matter how good it is, it is not necessary to invest easily. When developing new businesses, enterprises should do what they are best at, and do not blindly deviate from the main business of the printing industry for new businesses

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