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With the improvement of science and technology, the rapid development of interconnection and IOT, the domestic electrical power supply and distribution industry has also made a breakthrough in recent years. There have been qualitative changes in the technical level, equipment performance, quality and other aspects, in support of enterprise efficiency, It plays an important role in safety production

at present, the domestic industrial IOT is surging, and they are vigorously promoting industrial upgrading, from 'industry 4.0' to 'industrial interconnection', from 'made in China 2025' to 'interconnection + manufacturing', and so on. All enterprises in the electrical industry have seen their peers have the concept of IOT, and they feel that the equipment in the electrical industry is out of date when it is not on the cloud, so they are all ready to let their own enterprise equipment also be on the IOT, to be trendy. The development trend of domestic smart distribution rooms and the prospect of panel factories in the electrical industry are bright

however, in the electrical industry, after actual research, disc factories found that the water of industrial IOT is a little deep, and they often dare not do it easily. To sum up the concerns of these disc factories, there are several points: dare not use, can't afford to wait, can't play, can't afford to buy

a. dare not use; It means that at present, the cloud platform is basically used in the IOT solutions in China, and the user information of some panel and cabinet factories is put on a cloud. Industrial data is the core resource of enterprises, and it is put on a third-party cloud with others, for fear of data insecurity. 9 The maximum spacing between chucks: 200mm, so I dare not use

b. I can't afford to wait; It refers to the serious fragmentation of demand in the distribution room field of the modern electrical industry. Different enterprises in the same industry, different factories in the same enterprise, and different types of equipment in the same factory may all need different solutions, so that each project delivery has a large number of private customized development, and the development cycle is basically based on months, And the patience of enterprise customers is being worn away in the process of waiting

c. can't play; According to the introduction of 3 well chemical, it refers to that the level and habits of operators in power distribution room production enterprises in the electrical industry are quite different from those in the IT industry, and the learning difficulty and cost of the general IOT main case are very high. If any modification or addition is required in the process of use, it is even more difficult to complete by oneself. Basically, developers need to customize the development again, resulting in an embarrassing situation that can't be played.

d. they can't afford it; It means that due to the large number of industries in the industrial field and the great differences between each industry, the commonly used IOT solutions will encounter a great threshold in cross industry, which is basically not universal and the application is very narrow. In this way, the development cost of the solution project will increase, and the price of the solution is often unattainable

in order to solve these concerns faced by the panel and cabinet factory enterprises in the electrical industry, help more panel and cabinet factory enterprises to plug in the wings of IOT and take advantage of the east wind of intelligent manufacturing 2025, so that the majority of panel and cabinet factory enterprises in the electrical industry can rest assured, convenient and affordable. Goodlion has launched the breakthrough, universal, standardized and independently deployable anyiyun IOT platform for the panel factory, which greatly reduces the threshold for the panel factory to enter IOT

based on the "smart device energy management but management cloud platform" - Anyi cloud, goodlean has introduced an overall solution for smart power supply and distribution using modern information technology. This scheme is based on the application of safety cloud watch in high and low voltage distribution cabinets, transformers, box type substations and distribution boxes. On the basis of realizing intellectualization, it connects to Anyi cloud through mobile Internet to build a user intelligent power supply and distribution cloud management system. With the help of app, computer web or large screen of monitoring center, intelligent safety monitoring and operation and maintenance management of power supply and distribution system can be realized

goodlean smart power distribution room system is a general, standard cross industry platform. At the same time, the price is no longer high, and the majority of panel and cabinet factories and enterprises can afford it. Goodlean smart power distribution room system also provides a full graphic configuration operation interface and a perfect training system, so that ordinary operators can master it through simple training. It also provides an open API interface for panel and cabinet factory enterprises to change as they want, so that panel and cabinet factory enterprises can use it more worry free

domestic development trend users expect to know that the material to be tested will break after a small number of cycles and the prospect of the electrical industry is bright

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