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The development trend of flexible packaging in five fields in the next few years

by 2005, fresh agricultural products will become the protagonist of the flexible packaging market, followed by drugs, medical or surgical supplies, pet food and snacks

PE has been used in the United States for at least five years. Most bagged salads have been replaced by flexible packaging, and more than 50% of the agricultural products market adopts flexible packaging, which is close to saturation. The packaging of some agricultural products has developed rapidly, such as tomatoes, berries, lettuce and so on. However, there is also a trend towards "fresh" and "original" packaging in supermarkets. Recently, with the improvement of refrigeration equipment and technology, the development trend of "unpackaged" agricultural products has become more and more obvious

the most noteworthy development in the pharmaceutical field is blister packaging, which is not all soft packaging. Strictly speaking, what belongs to the scope of soft packaging is only the top area of the blister, and a small aluminum foil or pet adhesive layer constitutes the removable surface of the blister

at present, canned food is the dominant packaging in the pet food market, and flexible packaging also has a place. Two factors can determine its development: economy and packaging equipment. More reasonable economic returns, the improvement of canned packaging equipment, and more product value-added issues are imminent. The snack market is a huge flexible packaging market. The characteristics of this market are: stable price positioning, resource rich processors and regional differences of consumers. Considering the appropriate product innovation and cost issues, the development of this material testing machine market is also limited, and it is difficult to become the first growing market before 2005

the three-dimensional bag packaging of beverage products is the flexible packaging market with the largest growth. Due to the large content of its products, the beverage industry also uses a large amount of flexible packaging, and the economic trend in this regard is very favorable. Metal can beverage packaging is now obsolete and will be strongly impacted by soft packaging before 2005. It will also give the whole can and glass bottle market a thorough hit. Now most enterprises in China are not equipped with friction and wear testing machines. More reasonable costs and improved distribution technology will permeate the whole traditional packaging field

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