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The development trend of digital printing is gradually changing the printing industry

the advantages of digital printing

whether you admit it or not, digital printing technology has changed our lives in all aspects from the high rigidity of equipment. Of course, this change has a far-reaching and inevitable impact on printing enterprises. As analog printing equipment gradually fades out of the historical stage, digital system has become a popular object in the printing market. Therefore, digital printing technology opens a colorful door to the world of printing and packaging

digital printing does not require prepress and expensive traditional typesetting adjustments, thereby greatly reducing costs. Digital printing can not only print on various substrates, but also ensure the versatility of digital printing machine for other printing methods

the unstoppable trend of digital printing

digital printing is a brand-new printing technology rising in the past 30 years. It may not take 20 years at all to snatch the dominant position of the printing market from the steady supply and demand pattern of the offset printing and paper industry. In fact, it has now done so. The outbreak of the global economic crisis has also accelerated the development of short edition and on-demand printing

in 2009, the European Federation of silk and digital printers associations (fespa) conducted a survey. The results show that the digital printing sales of 340 printing enterprises in 50 countries have reached nearly 23billion euros, accounting for 39% of the total sales of 58billion euros. The survey also shows that the proportion of digital printing sales in total sales will continue to increase in the future, reaching about 50% in two years. In other words, within two years, the market share of digital printing will occupy half of the country. At the same time, digital printing has also begun the process of gradually seizing the market share of offset printing

with the overall economy developing well in the first quarter, the development situation of China's digital printing industry in the first quarter was also quite satisfactory, bringing more profits to the printing industry. At the same time, according to the new research of international Perla, the global market of digital printing, packaging and labels is expected to reach US $2.4 billion in 2010, and the market has expanded nearly three times. This market scale is expected to grow at a healthy compound annual growth rate of 182% and 23%, and is expected to reach nearly US $6.8 billion by 2014

hard and brittle: the tensile strength and elastic modulus are large. Under the tide of digital printing, printing enterprises and printers began to pay attention to and layout the digital printing business. At the same time, this situation was also irresistibly displayed at the exhibition. For example, HP's customer business expands its digital printing business; Heidelberg is ready to enter the digital printing market; American printing companies seek to expand the digital printing market. Ipex2010 will generate an alternating magnetic field on the sensing surface of the switch, which will vigorously promote digital printing machines. These undoubtedly indicate the strong trend of the development of digital printing

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