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The development trend of the door and window industry will show five characteristics

in recent years, with the national macro-control of the real estate market, the downstream door and window industry has been affected to a certain extent, but based on the large amount of national investment in affordable housing and infrastructure, urban shed area reconstruction, new urbanization construction, etc., the development prospect of the door and window industry is still considerable and will continue to develop rapidly. In the future, the development trend of the door and window industry will reflect the following characteristics:

the consumption group of doors and windows is younger.

consumers are no longer passive. They have begun to talk with dealers and enterprises. I believe they can change this passive situation through their own strength. Consumers are increasingly distrustful of authority, intuition and public praise, and will express their views on products. At the same time, consumers also know how to use legal weapons to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. The rise of consumer groups indicates the arrival of the era of combining production and marketing. Paying attention to the new aspirations of consumers has become the basic condition for door and window enterprises to explore the market

door and window enterprises need to understand that rejuvenation refers to the rejuvenation of operation mechanism, business model and management concept. Whether the appearance of doors and windows is popular with young people mainly depends on whether the design of door and window enterprises is based on the experimental power of the times: 20 ⑵ 000n cutting-edge, following others' footsteps will only be a follower forever, and only by leading the trend can we be a winner in the market

the rise of personalized door and window products

with the pursuit of quality of life by the post-80s leading consumer groups, the rise of personalized trends is driven by the door and window space and products, from size to color to material and even personalized patterns, storage units, accessories and accessories, users have absolute control over their own door and window products. Enterprises that provide customization have found a blue ocean in the highly competitive door and window market through customization

in the past, the custom of door and window products was defined as durable goods, and its value only lies in "practicality"; Nowadays, doors and windows are not only defined as household products, but also an important label of household life, reflecting the owner's life attitude and aesthetic sentiment. The "internal and external repair" of door and window products is reflected in the continuous improvement of functions, while also stepping up the pace of catching up with the trend. In the context of both practicality and aesthetics, the kitchen of Chinese residents has also become a scenic spot

in today's door and window market, any door and window product is permeated with the brilliance of youth, and the door and window industry seems to be gradually transitioning to youth. Rejuvenation is one of the mainstream trends of the door and window industry in the future. It is good for the development of the whole industry that the door and window industry can make rapid changes to meet the market at this time

the market of middle and high-end doors and windows is getting heavier according to our calculation of the gap between waste paper and windows.

with the rapid development of China's economy, the middle class is growing and has become the main consumer group of middle and high-end products. These consumer groups will have their own choices in home life. They will make a detailed comparison of the products they need, which are more than twice the size of France. Most of them don't care about big brands, but only about the quality. In fact, a new concept of consumer market has been quietly popular in the current door and window industry, that is, a market that meets the psychology of middle-income but fashionable consumers while meeting their purchasing power

door and window design takes an unusual path

since the birth of doors and windows, simple style has occupied a place in product design. Although in recent years, the rise of retro style, rural style and other design styles has not shaken the supremacy of simple fashion

when too many functions and decorations become chicken ribs, consumers also feel tired of the complicated door and window design. Abandoning flashy elements and carvings, the lines are simple and meaningful, and there is no lack of fashion charm. The door and window design with proper function, structure and design has become the mainstream choice of Chinese families

female consumption occupies a more important position

according to the statistical results of China's third census, women account for about 48% of China's population. Among them, young and middle-aged women aged 20-50 with strong consumption ability and great impact on consumption account for about 21% of the total population. In addition, according to relevant surveys, women often play the role of "Chief Purchasing Officer" in household consumption behavior. Especially in the purchase of consumer goods such as home building materials, the wife's opinion often becomes the final decision. Therefore, door and window enterprises should fully grasp this point in the overall product design process ⑤ the resistance of rubber springs to transmit sound is much greater than metal springs

in the current market environment, when the traditional door and window products gradually lose the market, and when the new consumption trend is sweeping, the transformation of door and window enterprises has become an inevitable choice

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